Our partners

EMVIS Consultant Engineers S.A. is a private company, actively involved in the field of Water Resources and Environmental Management, through design studies, advisory work and research. EMVIS has obtained high competence in the development of forecast-based water information systems through its participation in and coordination of EU-funded research and innovation projects (PrimeWaterSPACE-O).

Role in the Project

EMVIS will build upon its know-how to implement an operational platform in coastal waters. EMVIS is called herein to develop a forecast-based water information system for coastal zones within an operational environment which can be summarized in the following tasks:

  1. Forecasts to be produced through the operational simulation of three-dimensional, process-based models of coastal hydrodynamics and water quality.
  2. Development of an operational DSS for seawater desalination plants
  3. Make use of ICT for the development of a web-based, operational, user-friendly platform ensuring, data storage, management, and security.

SYCHEM is an internationally active and recognised company manufacturing and operating demanding desalination projects in the private sector. SYCHEM’s targets are set in the design and construction of innovative projects based on sustainable development principles. SYCHEM’s field of expertise is the combined application of renewable energy source technologies and energy integration using water management and water treatment technologies.

Role in the Project

Sychem is a project partner representing the industry within the stakeholder engagement process and will provide insight from the end-user perspective. The project encourages the co-design and co-evaluation of innovative solutions tailored to the needs of the industry and, to this end, it engages an internationally active partner, SYCHEM, from the early stages of the project up to the final service evaluation. SYCHEM, is an experienced technology provider for water treatment operations and will lead end-user workshops, which will shape and evaluate the service according to the industry needs. Finally, SYCHEM will provide access to data required for the set-up and validation of the developed models for the case-study in which the service will be deployed. The desalination plant is reportedly dealing with issues regarding seawater quality, related to the hydrodynamic regime at the intake.

NTNU is the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, based mainly in Trondheim, Norway. NTNU specializes in science and technology with great academic breadth in strategic areas of research including energy, sustainability, oceans, and health. The Norwegian University of Science and Technology obtains expertise in the sectors of marine pollution and water treatment which are of interest in this project.

Role in the Project

NTNU will be participating through the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. The NTNU will assist in the evaluation and will ensure the quality of the technical work, by means of certifying the scientific base of service line, evaluating the quality of the numerical models of coastal hydrodynamics and water quality, as well as the calibration and validation of the forecasting platform and the functional design of the DSS. This partnership aims to establish a complete operational value chain linking the academic knowledge to the desalination industry.